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Overview Holistic Lomilomi Courses                                                

Intensive lomilomi Certificate courses

The two days intensive massage course is designed in a fun, creative and easy way to learn massage skills and IMG_4523.jpgknowledge. This course consists of 15% Theory and 85% Hands-on activities for learners to understand benefits of lomilomi massage and apply massage sequences and techniques. The course gives you informative and practical knowledge about the essence of Lomilomi massage and helps you to gain basic skills required to. The Hawaiian cultural traditions, values and protocols must remain an integral part of the delivery of lomilomi if it is to be authentic and effective.

In a hands-on setting, general procedures for the entire body are demonstrated by the instructor and practiced by the participants.

Our Techniques for delivering this intensive course are very unique which get results in a short period of time. They are backed up with many years of solid experience in the natural therapies industry.

In this course you’ll learn about massage preparation, basic client consultation , In this hands-on workshop, you will learn a basic sequence to bring relief to many general symptoms by addressing the major muscle groups , Lomilomi massage techniques for whole body which includes neck, shoulder and back sequence, Lower back, hamstrings and legs sequence, stomach & Chest and therapeutic facial massage sequence.

Students work in pairs, giving and receiving Hawaiian Massage to each other and experiencing its wonderful beauty and benefits.

Teaching Concepts

Demonstration of techniques and supervised hands-on practice

Lecture, questions and answers, discussions, reviews

Manual, handouts, flip chart.

Verbal coaching and visual observation & evaluation

After workshops and if possible massage instructor for further evaluation and guidance

Certificate of completion for each level

Group Discussions

The Influences of Hawaiian Wisdom upon Massage

Hawaiian Massage Skills

Personal Development

Working With Clients



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