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Healing through Holistic LomiLomi Massage Therapy

Originally practised by traditional healers of the Hawaiian Islands, LomiLomi has now arrived on our shores. “More than just a plunge into wellbeing, LomiLomi massage "opens up a new world of potency, vitaility, and rejuvenation".




Revitalize Lomilomi massage     30 mins

Lomilomi with pressure points will stimulate the flow of your vital energy. These points are: the coccyx, the hollow of the back, the solar plexus, the hollow between the shoulders and at the nape of the neck. “The energy aspect of LomLomi massage is reinforced by the stimulation of precise acupressure points in the hands and feet, depending on your specific needs: anti-stress, anti-fatigue LomiLomi, a Hawaiian holistic healing massage, will release tension, boost vitality, and pamper your skin with coconut oil, to brighten up even the darkest mood.


Restore Lomilomi massage       60mins

A deep pressure lomi, essential for people who regularly work out, befor during and after atheletic events. The purpose of the massage is to prepare, to drain away fatigue, to releive swelling, to reduce the muscle tension, to to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries, but mainly to maintain strength and condition. - Can be tailored to concentrate on the muscles relevant to your sport/activity - the pressure can be adjusted

Reconnecting Lomilomi massage      60 mins

Most of the time, our thoughts gallop around in our heads, particularly the ones about our bodies; we all want to be thinner, firmer, less stressed… Here, LomiLomi massage is carried out in a totally new sequence of movements which will encourage your mind to let go, allowing you to fully absorb the sensations of the physical massage… “the arm and hand are massaged, then the leg and foot on the opposite side, then the other leg and finally the opposite arm and hand… finishing with the head.” Long sliding movements on the body punctuate in between these targeted massage movements, creating a sensation of unity and total well being.


Spiritual Lomilomi     90mins

Stemming from an ancient tradition, LomiLomi is imbibed with the Hawaiian philosophy: of Aloha. This principle, precious to master healers, means that the massage is carried out with a loving affectionate touch, by the Giver who is filled with intention for their receiver. As soon as the Lomilomi massage begins, you can feel yourself enveloped by a feeling of benevolence, and you will welcome it completely. If you manage to find a truly traditional LomiLomi Giver (practitioner) they may even offer advice on prayer, meditation and other self-help activities, as part of the original holistic LomiLomi approach.


Relaxing Double Lomilomi       45mins

The Hawaiian LomiLomi method is unique. “It involves long, fluid and rhythmic movements, made with the forearms, elbows and hands. The manoeuvres mix sliding and kneading with closed fists, knuckles and forearms… The key to this is the feeling of being enveloped seamlessly by the movements, and plunged into an ocean of well being. The main objective the LomiLomi massage technique is to free energy blocks, mental as well as physical. From here, undoubtedly, springs the sensation of total relaxation!



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