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“Holistic Lomilomi Massage courses in 2 days” Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland New Zealand

Sharing the knowledge


Sarah and the Team are passionate in offering lomilomi massage training in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland New Zealand, in order to share their knowledge and experience with others. Her group is also experienced in Romiromi, Mirimiri, (both Traditional Maori massage)...remedial, and therapeutic massage, Balinese massage, Polynesian healing systems and their goal is to ensure that upon graduation from each course, each student gets a high level of knowledge and competency as a lomilomi therapist to practice professionally. We have designed the courses to challenge participants to explore their inner self and take responsibility for their life direction and future happiness. Like any skill, excellence in massage is developed throughout a lifetime of learning.

Team Profiles                           


product_163.jpgSarah Burrows is the founder and CEO of Holistic Lomilomi Massage Training School.

Arriving in Australia from Aotearoa (New Zealand) in 1979. Sarah shares; "From a child I was taught the true Polynesian way of learning to ‘sit,watch and be quiet’ at the feet of my Whaea (mother) Puarakau Herekuiha and Tipuna Kuia (Grandmother) Katene Kerei both 'Gifted Givers' (healers), "encouraged and guided me to pursue my life's purpose". 'Hono' a ancient method of spiritual Maori healing passed down through generations from my Tupuna" (ancestors) 'Hono' is to connect on a spiritual level with the purest of thoughts, intention and motivation epitomising the true essence of 'Aroha' (love) and until recently, Sarah offered 'Hono' to family, friends and associates in Australia and New Zealand, not realising she had the ability to effect positive changes to someone's life.

"My tuakana"(older sibling) Kathy O'Connell, "through her nurturing example of 'love and teaching's, "opened my heart and mind to my inner dance and expression" this has helped me to become what I am today, tomorrow and beyond".

Sarah's Acknowledgement: " I am blessed to have such accomplished mentors who have helped me to realise my potential and I can confidently say I am living my life's purpose. To Share those gifts with others to serve, help them find their true purpose.

Sarah is a 'Hono' teacher, and Advanced Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage therapist. Global Fitness Massage practitioner, experienced in (Dipl)Remedial and Therapeutic massage, Reiki, and a Qualified trainer, in Australia and abroad.




 Kathy O'Connell – Teacher and Giver of 'Hono' (Ancient method of spiritual Maori Healing ) Facilitator: Holistic Lomilomi MassageTraining School. Auckland NZ, Holistic Coach and trainer.

Kathy's was also trained by her Whaea (mother) Puarakau Herekuiha and Tupuna Kuia (grandmother) Katene Kerei. However, as the eldest child her training required her to learn and begin practising from a much younger age then her younger siblings. Her training required her to sit, watch, listen and do almost immediately. There wasn't much coaching that took place in those days and Kathy learnt at a very young age what was required of her.

Kathy is an accomplished business woman with a degree in Business. She has owned and managed businesses ranging from accounting, tax consultancy, budgeting, real estate, property management and clothing manufacture. Her commitment to excellence in all she pursues allows her to gain greater insight into her cultural heritage, her wellbeing and affords her a wider perspective on her world view giving her a whole view understanding of her role within her family, community, wider community and abroad.

Her business acumen has also afforded her the ability to speak publicly at her Marae (community gathering places) organising and delivering workshops for her family, local community groups and the wider communities about their holistic wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness.

Kathy quotes; “I am humbled to be given the opportunity to see where and how I fit into God’s plan and the part I can serve in it". "I now see that we were given a gift as children" and from my heart, I would like to share and pass on this gift to our greater family.








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