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Lomilomi Massage Training

Holistic Therapies

Bring balance and a sense of wellbeing to body mind and spirit

Lomilomi Massage for Everyone

Plunge you into an Ocean of Wellbeing

An introduction to Hawaiian healing traditions to help you care for yourself, friends and family

Lomilomi Massage, an Holistic Modern Day Practice

Influenced by Wisdom and Skill

yet softened by the informality and softness of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.

Workshop & Treatment Locations

Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland

Sharing the joy of Lomilomi and You will enjoy individualized attention in the Polynesian style of learning


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Experience & Expertise

Professional .

From training to treatment and support, our team of professionals with over 30 years experience
can help you

Lomilomi MassageTraining

IMG_4525.jpgOur extensively trained therapists teach the Lomilomi techniques in a relaxed environment with simplified terminology to allow the learning to take place without hesitation regardless of your learning ability or learning style.

Whether you are a visual, audio or a hands on learner, our modules are designed to give you exactly what you are looking for in 'Giving' (massaging) relaxing, rejuvenating, relieving of muscle tension and stress massages; to assist in the wellbeing of the 'Receiver' (your client).

Our signature massage teaches the concept of 'Giver' and 'Receiver' and vice-versa. An age old methodology handed down through generations practising the guiding principles determined by the universal lores.

The true purpose of Lomilomi is to bring balance and a sense of wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. An holistic approach to engaging the 'Learner, 'Teacher', 'Giver' and 'Receiver' to gain a greater perspective on' their' total wellbeing and in turn competantly offer the true essence of 'lomilomi.

Lomilomi Massage Hawaiian

Relax.jpgThe Hawaiian LomiLomi method is unique practised for generations by the Hawaiian people and shared with many others of the South Pacific.

The lomilomi involves long, fluid,rhythmic movements like the rolling waves of their natural environment. Sweeping and sliding actions made with the forearms, elbows, hands using the whole body motion offering the 'Receiver' maximum comfort. Enveloped into an ocean of wellbeing dispelling the energy, mental, physical and spiritual blocks acquired during ones life journey.

From here, springs the sensation of total relaxation, rejuvenation, recuperation and the healing begins.

Lomilomi History


The traditional lomilomi healers connected with 'spirit' communicating through 'touch' deep into the tissues, bone and psyche of the 'Receiver' influenced by Kahuna wisdom, methodologies and principles with the use of Pule (prayer) Ha (breathe) and Mana (energy)

Lomilomi was practised on a regular basis within the village passed down from generation to generation contributing to the vibrant and healthy wellbeing of family/ villagers in the South Pacific.








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