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Course Name: Advanced (Level 2 ) Holistic Lomilomi Massage Duration:


3 days x 8 hrs = 24 hours

Number of students: 6 - 10                                                              

Time: 9:00am – 4.30pm

:Date 3 monthly basis – TBA

Locations: St Kilda – Melbourne TBA / Blue mountains Sydney TBA / Franklin Wellness Centre Pukekohe, New Zealand. Award: Advanced (Level 2) Lomilomi massage certificate

Fees: Early bird Offer $1100 (Normally $1200) for a limited time.

            *level 2 & 3 workshops*  incur a higher fee with added bonus of special guest",

             Accomodation and food for 3 days (Normally)

Enrolment: Please contact us

Bring to class

Bottle of water, pen & paper, 2 bath towels,1 hand towel We provide a safe training environment. Saturday and Sunday (lunch break is 12:30pm - 1:15pm) and students can bring own lunch

Course description

Takes you and your massage performance to new levels of possibility and enjoyment, helping you to feel much more fulfilled and empowered as a Professional Practitioner, beginner or advanced.

A. Revision of the techniques learnt in lomilomi introductory and will learn to incorporate trigger point and deep tissue in the full body sequence

• Shoulders

• Arms - hands

• Back

• Thigh

• Leg - feet

B. Deep tissue techniques: In this level therapist learn deep techniques that are used to attack soreness in deep layer of the muscle. It is used by using elbow, forearm, fists, palm, knuckles and thumbs. The areas therapist practice in this session are as follows:

C. acupressure points

“The energy aspect of LomLomi massage is reinforced by the stimulation of precise acupressure points in the hands and feet, depending on your specific needs.

The 14 micro-meridians and 345 corresponding points in the hands which can regulate the body’s internal organs. It’s like a kind of acupuncture without the needles!

Brochure given to students

As an aid to digestion

Lymphatic Drainage

Breathing techniques in conjunction with superficial and deep muscle manipulation.

D. lower back and muscle pain via trigger points therapy

We provide information sheet for this training session.

Theory session:

• Skills to release specific muscle dysfunction

• Introduction to Trigger Point Therapy

• Brochures given out to students on acupressure points

• Deep tissue massage


Classes include discussion

• Basic protocols of Pule (prayer),

• Ho'oponopono (conflict resolution and personal forgiveness and letting go).

• Hawaiian Cultural practice of ha (breath),

• lokahi (togetherness) and laulima (many hands working together) and developing your mana (spiritual power).

• .Hawaiian Culture

• As a restorative massage within the family


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